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Almost Halloween
Should I be a good bro and volunteer to chaperon for Trick of Treating?
If chibisuke's even into that stuff.

Or if anyone's into that stuff.

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Why would I?
You used to love Halloween!

Besides no one's too old for candy. Not even me.

I'm not going to dress up and go around begging people for candy!

[Screened to Ryoga]

Besides, gotta prepare a trip to Japan anyway.

You don't beg, you demand. Otherwise you vandalize their property with toilet paper and stuff. Geez bro what kind of childhood have you been having?

Where are you anyways?

A tennis filled one. Duh.

New York.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. You know technically you are still a kid.

Ohh... What're you even doing there?


Living there? Would be the most obvious answer.

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